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Training Videos that people want to watch, will learn from and take action.

We have 15 years of experience producing training videos and other online learning assets for business as diverse as John Wiley, Davey Water Products, The Freemasons and Herbert Smith Freehills to name a few.

Training Video Experts

People learn more quickly and effectively from watching engaging videos rather than reading a manual. But there’s a craft to creating compelling training videos, keeping people engaged, teaching them and helping them retain the information.

Training Video Process.

Over 15 years, we have developed and refined our process of making training videos. Our approach is simple, logical and straightforward.Part of this process is to change the language around training videos; we call them Learning videos. We prefer to talk about outcomes rather than processes. Critically, we work with our clients on the objectives and the strategy underlying the videos as our priority, ensuring we deliver the best possible value.

Training Video Scripts.

The key to a compelling training Video is the script. Clients often think they have the knowledge so they should write the script; in practice, this is not that successful. A more productive approach is for you to teach us, and we write the script. We are approaching the subject from an entirely new point of view just as the learner will be. This approach works so well that our clients often comment that our scripts are the indispensable part of our service.

Training Videos add value.

Training videos have one primary use in business; to increase value. They increase the value of your offering, brand, business and people. Just as important, they increase the perceived value of your offering and brand.

Training video as a resource

A library of support videos to explain how a customer can drive the most value from your product or simply how to use it or for that matter specify it, is worth its weight in gold, not to mention the saving in sales and support costs.
Use this library to upskill, your support team, salespeople, wholesalers, specifiers, installers, customers and new team members.

Training Videos are a great way to sell.

They allow a potential customer to try before they buy. They can see your product in action and clearly understand that your product will fill their needs. And possibly even introduce them to benefits they never knew they needed!