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Training Videos that drive a dynamic and responsive businesses.

You know how senior management often struggles to get the people working on the frontline to work the way they need them to.

What we do is produce video-based training courses, delivered online, that change behaviours and teach knowledge. So people have the skills to work the way management need them to, so they can drive a dynamic and responsive business capable of generating amazing results.

We work with SME’s and large companies and organisations. We specialise in teaching people who use their hands as well as their brain – trades and technical people.

We design and produce courses specific to your business. We might teach how to use your systems, procedures, health and safety, product knowledge, skills specific to your business and expected behaviours or what we call the “Rules of the Game”.

The course material is generally delivered online through a Learning Management System. Designed to give management control over who learns what and when and who has taken and passed particular training courses.

The significant advantage of online courses is that senior management has control over what is taught. There is a single clear instruction that is consistent and controllable.

Do our online courses replace face to face training? Not necessarily. In fact, most clients find the concept of the “upside down classroom” is the most effective way to use our courses.

The “upside down classroom” simply means that the student learns the theory online before the face to face training, which is now used for hands-on practical implementation or a chance to clarify and work through the information taught.

The three big strengths of online training are;

  • A single controllable and consistent message is learnt by everyone, with the face to face trainers reinforcing that central message without interpretation.
  • The training can be done anywhere and at any time on all digital devices.
  • The training material can be updated at a single point, so there are no out of date versions in circulation.

So it time to end the frustration, empower your frontline people to look after your customers the way you need them to and let’s start growing a dynamic business.