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Video production - Melbourne - Stories, training and talking heads.

We are a video production company based in Melbourne, Australia that produces training videos and video courses, corporate video productions, storytelling videos and we video “talking heads”; people talking to camera and interviews.

This list may look to be a broad range of styles until you focus on the main point here, they are all about connecting with people.

Storytelling videos

Storytelling is the most effective way to move people to get them to feel emotion as well as understand your worth. More…..

Teaching videos

empower people to grow and firmly establishes you as the expert. They videos make people more committed to you as well as improving skills, performance and effectiveness. More…..

Talking heads

It has been suggested that body language may account for between 50% to 70% of all communication. So where does that leave our words? Talking or interviewing on video productions allows the viewer to get to know the real you. Just make sure that you look and sound good though. More…..

Our point of difference is simple.

We focus on the outcome, not the process. So the first question we will ask you is “What do you want to achieve?” Having established the endpoint, we can now map the journey. We manage the whole process for you, taking you along with us so you are able to have your input in to your video production at the critical moments.

Our clients consider one of our most important skills

is to listen to their story or learn the skills and knowledge that they want to teach. We have an innate ability to carefully unwrap the layers of complexity and present your story or teaching in clear and straightforward way that people can understand and connect to.

Teaching or Training videos and Explaining videos.

Or as we prefer to call them Learning videos? Why “Learning” videos – because we focus on the outcome. That way we make sure that people learn what you need them to. There is an art to crafting training, teaching and explaining videos. Just because someone has “watched” a training video doesn’t mean they learn anything from it. More…..

Storytelling videos

Stories are the lifeblood of the human race. Stories generate emotion in the viewer, making them the most effective way to pass on knowledge and information. More…..

Corporate videos

re an integral part of telling the story behind your product or service. We walk you through the entire process of delivering a tightly focused yet highly engaging promotional video production.

A corporate video production is really the story you are telling about your particular passion whether its business related or otherwise.
We work with you to produce the video you need for engaging your audience. Your stories allow people to connect with you and your product on an emotional level. Stories show your passion and understanding for the problems you are solving. More…..