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Country Fire Authority. CFA - Corporate values

The Brief.

The CFA, like many organisations, has a set of Corporate Values. In most organisations, it is expected that all employees will adhere to these values. As the CFA is primarily a volunteer workforce imposing values on to members is fraught with issues.

However, values play a huge part in any organisation, particularly and emergency service that relies so heavily on training and teamwork to keep its members safe.

We were commissioned to make six videos, a general one and then one about each of the five Corporate Values. The idea of the videos is to generate discussion within brigades about each value and what they mean.

We made the recommendation that we should interview Volunteers about what they thought each of the values meant. The idea is that it is Volunteer talking to Volunteer.

The response from many of the brigades has been very positive. This style of video is being looked at as an effective means of communication within the CFA.

The Production.

We interviewed a number of CFA Volunteers on camera. For everyday people being interviewed on camera can be quite a challenge. For us it is about making them feel comfortable enough to first express themselves and them perhaps push the envelope a little and open up. Everyone we interviewed saw the films before they were published to make sure that we had not miss represented what they had said.

CFA Corporate Value – Safety.

Safety is the first of the CFA Values, it is probably the easiest to define. Listening to members though, there are many different ways to look at safety.


CFA Corporate Value – Teamwork.

As Jodi says in the video “Teamwork is what we do” and she is dead right. We all know this, but what is interesting is listening to six members differing viewpoints on teamwork in the CFA.


CFA Corporate Value –  Adaptability.

All the members in this video talk about our amazing adaptability as firefighters. However, if you listen closely they all talk about the importance of being adaptable in ways beyond the obvious.


CFA Corporate Value –  Integrity.

What does integrity mean to you? Do you act with integrity? What does it feel like when someone you know doesn’t act with integrity?


CFA Corporate Value – Respect.

Respect is an interesting value. It has two sides to it. The first is simply respecting others for who they are. Some of us believe that RESPECT is the most important of the five CFA values. What do you think?

Client:           CFA – Country Fire Authority
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Corporate video
Year:              2019

The Country Fire Authority is one of the Emergency Services here in Victoria, Australia

The CFA are the responsible firefighting and rescue service for the middle and outer suburbs of Melbourne and country Victoria. They are largely a Volunteer workforce, with some full time Fire and Rescue firefighters in heavily populated areas.