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KH Equipment - Austart

Corporate / Product video

The Brief.

The brief was to produce a video to help the company break into the Chinese market with their Austart range of non-electric starting motors.

The original video was in Chinese and proved to be successful.
We worked closely with the ethnic Chinese sales manager to make sure that we met Chineses cultural expectation and language. Two further Chinese business people also assessed the video before final delivered.

The video you see here is the English version of the same production. We changed it to suit an English speaking marketplace, who tend to have different imperatives when buying this type of equipment.

The Production.

As with most of our projects, we wrote the script, shot, recorded or sourced all the footage and sound, and edited the production in-house.

Client:           KH Equipment
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Corporate video
Year:              2016

KH Equipment delivers innovative engineering solutions to industry. A diverse range of businesses benefit from their quality in design and manufacturing, particularly the Exploration, Mining, Marine, Motorsport, Oil and Gas industries, where functionality, reliability and performance are paramount.

Their core products are a range of non-electric starting technologies for the mining, marine, oil and gas industries. Non-electric starters a must in hazardous environments. However, they also give end users real dollar savings on maintenance and replacement costs, increase workplace safety and maximise the reliability of starting systems.