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RCG Tooling - solving problems.

The Brief.

RCG Tooling is a based in Hallam Victoria. The founder and chief design engineer is Roger Gris. We were asked to make a series of low budget videos about the business for the company website.

In our initial discussions with Roger, we found a very understated man who had amazing ability to solve tooling problems to a very high standard. Although RCG Tooling found it difficult to compete with Asian toolmakers on price and lost a significant number of clients for a few years, all those clients are now back and thankful for the quality, longevity and value of RCG’s work. A typical story of Australian Engineering underselling it’self.

It seemed that Rogers ability to tell a story about a product was probably the best way to tell his story and to engage new clients. We decided to interview Roger. We hardly had to ask questions, the man has so much passion for what he does, although having said that he is so understated.

I rather like the result, the tales of success that come through in these interviews are remarkable, but in no way are they selling. Just letting the results do the talking.

The Production.

We shot these on a green screen so we could vary the background for each video. We wanted Roger just to talk without the interference of constant moving to different locations. We believe in reducing the production clutter to a minimum when working with real people. It’s about letting the stories come through.

Client:           RCG Tooling
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Corporate video
Year:              2016

RCG Tooling is an engineering company that design and engineer tools for manufacturers. More than anything they solve manufacturers problems.

Although based in Melbourne Victoria, they service companies all over Australia. The chief engineer Roger Griss has an enviable reputation for inginuity and the reliability of his end product.

Production Engineers and Accountants love his work once they realise his true value.