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GUD Holdings - Innovation case study

The Brief.

Over the last three years, GUD Holdings have introduced a strong culture of innovation into the businesses it owns.

The innovation process has been driven to secure future growth across the group. I say process because this exactly what they have introduced. A proven process or system that is designed to give consistent results.

In 2018 GUD Holdings were judged to the be the ninth most Innovative company in Australia, at the Australian Financial Review’s Innovation Awards.

Innovation is often seen as, blue sky thinking, or inspiration that comes in the shower. The executive team at GUD were keen to demonstrate that the system does work if introduced and followed correctly.

One of the businesses in the GUD Holdings group, Davey Water Products, had taken the lead in introducing the GUD innovation process and consequently are producing some strong results.

We were asked to make a video that firstly showcased Davey’s results but also reinforces the fact that the process produces predictable business results.

The target market for the video in the first instance are the Executive teams across the group, to create increased interest, conversation and a stronger commitment to the process.

It is also is a meaningful way to communicate to investors that the Innovation culture within the GUD group is resulting in a healthy future for the businesses that drive the bottom line.

While doing our research, we discovered that the key players in the Davey Innovation process are very enthusiastic, committed and articulate. Having done our research, we were able to deliver some strong interviews which created very clear content and messaging.

The Production.

As with all productions, research is key to conducting strong insightful interviews, recorded or sourced all the footage and sound, and edited the production in-house.

Client:           GUD Holdings Ltd
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Case Study
Year:              2018

GUD Holdings Limited comprises a number of dynamic product companies based in Australia and New Zealand. Through these businesses, GUD is the owner of one of the Asia-Pacific region’s premier brand portfolios. Most of GUD’s brands are market leaders in their individual product categories and industries.

In addition to brand management, GUD’s principal skills are in the disciplines of product design and development, offshore sourcing and supply chain management. The Group greatly values new product development and innovation, believing that these capabilities are fundamental to generating long-term, above average financial returns.