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Cleanaway - Waste Managment.

The Brief.

At the beginning of a shift, Cleanaway Waste Management expects each of it’s drivers to carry out a full inspection of the truck they are about to drive out of the yard. This procedure is essential for the safety of other road users, the general public and to reduce predictable breakdowns and spillage of collected waste material.

We were commissioned to produce videos to reinforce the written checklist and to educate new drivers in the procedure and what the company requires. What we call the Rules of the Game “You work for us this is what we expect from you”.

Video is a particularly suitable medium for this type of training. We used a currently employed driver, not management or an actor. We show and demonstrate each checkpoint in a logical order, at the same time giving the reason Why it needs to be checked and what we are looking for.

Drivers come from a very diverse range of backgrounds, some have English as a second language, so written instructions can be of limited use.

The decision to back-up the written checksheets with these videos proved to be very successful. They were shown at “toolbox meetings” and are available to drivers online when required.

The Production.

As with most of our projects, we wrote the script, shot, recorded or sourced all the footage and sound, and edited the production in-house.

Client:          Cleanaway
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Teaching video
Year:              2017

Cleanaway Waste Management Limited is Australia’s leading waste management company, operating a national network of unique collection, processing, treatment and landfill assets from over 200 locations across Australia.

Their philosophy is that all waste is a resource and aim to incorporate recovery, recycling and reuse throughout their operations and those of their clients. Their mission is to make a sustainable future possible for all of us.