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Allied Osteopathy - explaining Osteopathy

The Brief.

Dr Lauren Boundy approached us to make a series of videos introducing people to Osteopathy, what it is, how treatment happens and what to expect on the first visit. She also wanted to make a video talking about how Osteopathy can help babies that are finding it difficult to breastfeed.

How Osteopathy can help breastfeeding babies.

What is Osteopathy?

What happens on your first visit to an Osteopath?

Client:           Osteopathy Connections
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Explaining videos
Year:              2016

Osteopathy Connections is in Frankston Victoria. A group of dedicated Osteopaths lead by Dr Lauren Boundy.

As well as treating neck and back pain, headaches and other muscle and joint issues in adults and children. Dr Lauren has also treated babies.

There are many reasons why Osteopaths treat babies. Some of the more common reasons are parental concerns with their child’s uneven mobility or generally tense and seemingly uncomfortable babies, and sometimes feeding difficulty where a baby struggle for comfort at the breast.

All these videos are scripted and spoken by Dr Lauren. Asking the client to talk about what they do is a vital part of making the message authentic. No one expects their performance to be perfect just tell us your story with passion and knowledge and that will convince us.