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ABECK Group - Corporate video

The Brief.

The brief was to produce a video to be played on a stand at an Expo in the USA, on the company  website and social media, particularly Linkedin.

As always, our first task was to understand the business and their plans for the future. We talked to management and discovered a very customer-focused organisation.

Although the quality of their product is exceptional the product is not unique, so we decided to major on the customer service side of the business.

We structured the video, to open with an establishing section, this is what we do, and move swiftly on to identifying the target market complete with testimonials. These moved us through to the service side of the business ending with a call to action by the CEO.

We produced a second version for the USA, with minor changes to suit American business culture, language and expectation.

The Production.

As with most of our projects, we wrote the script, shot, recorded or sourced all the footage and sound, and edited the production in-house.

Client:           ABECK Group
Producer:     Peter Crawley-Boevey
Service:        Corporate video
Year:              2018

ABECK Group is an SME engineering and contract manufacturing business based in Dandenong, Victoria and Perth, Western Australia.

They have a broad range of build to print capabilities, from one-off special projects to manufacturing short and high volume runs of components

They work with the resources, transport, utilities and infrastructure sectors amongst others. Working either directly or with second and third tier contractors and EPCM’s (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management).