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Peter Crawley-Boevey video producer.

I get excited when I meet someone and have the opportunity to listen to their story. What they are passionate about, what makes them tick what gets them out of bed in the morning. Their “why”.

I love to hear how their endeavours create positive change in the world. It may be on a grand scale or at a micro level through their care, love and support of one person.

I love teaching. It may be a new skill or piece of knowledge, explaining how to do something, sharing experiences. Passing on knowledge is what sets us apart from other species. It is fundamental to our existence. People  grow through learning.

My main purpose in life is to empower people

To want help people grow and find new opportunities. To help them grow by teaching new skills. To engage people through storytelling, to open their minds to new horizons and to challenge old ideas. To make people feel to move them. And to help re-balance where inequality exists.

So what do I do?

I am a Storyteller and Educator, and I use Video or Film as my medium. The words Video and Film are just technical names for the most powerful teaching and storytelling tools on this earth. As always though, with power comes responsibilities.

Why The Essential Story – video production.

One of our most important skills is to listen and absorb all that you tell us and more; we ask a lot of questions. Then to decide how best to tell your story. To write a script that encapsulates your “Essential Story” or message. We simplify, but not dumb it down; we clarify, we make it engaging.

Teaching and skill-building are no different. Nearly all the skills we learn in life, in our trade or profession, contain a series of simple steps. However, cautionary experience often smothers these simple steps with complexity.

We have the skills to unwrap this complexity, like peeling back the layers of an onion until we get to the core-learning, that the student needs to understand to learn the new skill.

We don’t just teach the “how” to do something, but “why” we do it that way. It is understanding the “why” that makes the new knowledge so powerful, it allows people to use their creativity and intelligence. Knowing the “why” that builds peoples value to the organisation and empowers them to make informed decisions on our behalf.

Importantly, I particularly enjoy working with people and organisation whose values I share. So if your “why” is to make something or provide a service that adds quality to peoples lives or the environment, or promotes a more balanced society; then I would love to talk further.