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CFA Organisational Values - the bedrock of trust. But what do they really mean?

Words from the email.

Hi, and thanks for agreeing to take part in this series of short videoes explaining the CFA Organisational values from the perspective of active firefighters. 

The idea behind these videos is to give all CFA members and brigades the opportunity to continue the conversation about the CFA values, firefighter to firefighter.

Values are something that are personally held and directly affect the cohesion of crews on the ground. It is vital that newer members of the CFA learn quickly how they need to behave as part of a brigade and crew, so they can become trusted and effective members. These CFA values are the bedrock of that trust. However, what do they really mean?

These videos give you the chance to answer that question. To pass your knowledge and experience on to the next generation of people entering CFA service. You have been asked to be part of this project as someone they will aspire to be.

We are not looking for you to quote the meaning of the values printed on the CFA values card, we are more interested in what you have come to learn these values mean when you are out on the front line.

We will be talking with eight to ten other CFA firefighters to gather their thoughts. We will then cut the best and most powerful pieces from each person together to form a short montage of about three minutes for each value.

You will have the opportunity to view the videos before they are released to make sure we have not miss represented what you said and that you are happy with your contribution.

Although we will make the filming as low key as possible, we believe the combined results will be a powerful tool for Brigades across the region. So we thank you on their behalf for agreeing to be part of this project.

I am looking forward to meeting with you and listening to your ideas and stories. Peter Crawley-Boevey.

Ideas of what each of the five values mean.

Important: These ideas have not come from the CFA, they have come from the people I work with in my business here at The Essential Story.

Integrity: living up to your own and other people’s expectations, being reliable, doing what you say you’re going to do, not letting yourself or other people down, being genuine. Don’t try and be someone that you’re not.

Safety: making sure that whatever you are doing, you’re not putting yourself or others at unnecessary risk, watching all those around you to make sure they are not putting themselves at unnecessary risk. Tell them if they are, stepping in to help to reduce the risk. Safety is a state of mind, think before you do.

Respect: treat others how you want to be treated, accept everyone is different, has a different point of view, does things differently. Allow them the freedom to be themselves. Be open to learning a different way from your own. Listen, don’t interrupt. Listen means being totally present in the moment when someone is talking to you, or with you. Turn your phone off, put it away. Treat people with dignity. Be impeccable with your words, be careful how you talk to people, think before you open your mouth. “Will what I’m about to say cause offence?”

Working together. No one is an island. Teamwork is key. Two minds, eyes, ears are always better than one. Communicate. Talk, make sure you understand exactly what is expected of you, where you fit into that team. Play your role to the very best of your ability, however small or seemingly unimportant, you are still one cog in a much bigger machine. Your turn will come to be in the limelight. Don’t make assumptions, always ask. Get clarity, so you know exactly where you can make the biggest contribution.

We are adaptive and agile. The environments we work in are often very stressful, and always fluid. We cannot control them. We can only react to the constant change, so we have to be able to adapt and be quick about it. We are here to serve, not be served. So when the rules change we have to adapt and be agile to change. If we are not open to being adaptive and agile, this job will eat you.