Videos for Marketing, Training & Communications..

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. We are Melbourne based Video production business.
We thrive on working with innovative Australians who are striving to build a more balanced, healthier, and sustainable future. We do it by helping you share your stories, knowledge and ideas on film.

Why Videos for Engineers and Manufacturers?

We love working with people who use creative solutions to solve societies and peoples challenges. We also believe that Engineers and Manufacturers of all flavours are the future of this country.

We are excited about telling your stories. You should be telling the world the stories behind what you do and the problems you solve. These are your two most important marketing messages, and videos are the single most effective ways to communicate these stories.

The too hard basket.

People often put producing videos in the too hard basket. They worry about the best video strategy, how much time it will take, and what will it cost. We work through all these issues with you to make sure you get value for money and return on your investment. It’s why most of our clients have become long term partners.

Our Point of Difference.

We focus on the outcome, not the process. So the first question we will ask you is “What do you want to achieve?” Having established the endpoint, we can start to map out together how we get there from the style and production of the video to the strategy of getting them watched by your target audience.

Our Process.

We make the process of video production fun, straightforward and risk-free. We take you on the journey with us so you have a clear view of the destination and can keep an eye on everything that is going on around us as we create the videos together. As our client, we want you to feel engaged and in control of the process from beginning to end.

We’d love to hear your ideas and stories and how we can help you tell them.

Training and compliance videos

We live in a world where compliance is a vital part of our businesses. Be it OH&S of project-based. We have systems that control the processes that determine our compliance and profitability.

Making sure our teams understand their responsibilities and how to use our systems and culture is a vital part of every organisation. Training videos are an effective way for management to control and deliver a uniform message time and time again. As they say, you train once and deliver a thousand times.

We take complex issues and present them in a clear, logical way that people can relate to and conveys the correct messaging.