Video Interviews

Interview videos are used particularly by professional people who may have difficulty directly talking about what they do.  

A legitimate way to demonstrate your expertise and competence.

Because you are answering questions in an interview you can legitimately display your expertise and back it up with a “for instance”. Of course the questions allow you to get across your message. They make you look professional and highly competent. 

You may find it difficult to talk about your achievements and qualifications directly to camera. The interview gives you permission to do so with ease

A softer sell.

An interview is essentially a conversation between two people in a group of three with the viewer of the video as a third person. As the third person they can listen without being directly spoken to, the viewer will feel less pressure than they would in a one on one.

Pre-qualifying clients

It is a softer way of pre qualifying potential clients. “Our practice is focused on commercial law rather than family law”. “the majority of our clients earn over $250, 000 per annum”. 

Call to action

The interviewer can invite visitors who wish to ask their own questions to do so by contacting you directly. Thus asking for them to take action.

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