Our Story

We are a boutique video production company set up and owned by Peter Crawley-Boevey our senior producer. Our aim is to help people use video and the internet to effectively communicate their stories.

The core of our business is to leverage our knowledge not our capital equipment. At heart we are story tellers and by necessity we are technicians. We purposely keep our cost low so we can remain ultra responsive to the needs of the market and our individual clients.

Peter has spent 35 years producing multimedia and images to communicate in London and Australia. He has an insatiable curiosity and a thirst for knowledge.

He has a passion for people and their stories, what makes them tick, how they learn. He loves to listen.

As a teacher and coach, Peter loves to share his knowledge to help people tell their stories in a way that connects. He has a knack of talking your language not ours! 

Peter's enthusiasm is infectious and matched only by his energy!