Website Videos are powerful tools to generate leads and drive higher conversion rates

There is a big cross over between Website Videos and Business Videos.

The most likely place that potential clients will watch a video about your business is on your company website.

Website videos are put together slightly differently.

Visitors to websites are a little less patient in general. Website video statistics tell us that the first 30 seconds of a video is the most watched part of a video. Huge numbers of viewers stop watching around this point. So your key message must be right up front.

Once the viewer has heard your key points they either keep watching to find out more or they move on, but at least you have given yourself the best chance of getting your message across. There are many different types of video you can make for your business website.

Website videos: 

  • keep visitors on your site longer. The longer they stay the stronger the bond with you. Incidentally, Google also loves websites where viewers stay longer!
  • allows visitors to hear and see someone, perhaps you, talk about your business. This is a very powerful way to start to build a relationship with them.
  • build your credibility.
  • changes your website from a passive experience, where visitor are in total control, to a much more interactive experience giving you more influence over their actions on the site.
  • give you a chance to ask that potential client to take what ever action you want them to.

Commission either one or a number of videos for your website.

We offer a selection of website video packages that are great value for any business serious about making their website really work hard for them.

Powerful Videos for your Website.

Executive Videos

Executive videos offer you a wonderful way to inspire people to take ownership of your ideas. Videos allows you to communicate in a very powerful and personal way to your team, investors, distributors, retailers and of course customers.

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Video Testimonials

Word of mouth is powerful marketing - from an existing client, it’s gold bullion! Third party endorsement builds massive credibility. It puts written testimonials back in the Dark Ages and case studies on steroids.

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Video Interviews

Video interviews are a really great way for “professionals” to promote their credentials without being too “up front”. Because you are answering questions in an interview, you can legitimately display your expertise and back it up with a “for instance”.

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Corporate Videos

Our Corporate videos are not full of spin or glossy insincerity. The old adage “people buy from people not businesses” still applies here. So we make sure that the true personality of your business is projected at the same time giving you a clean and professional look.

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Web Introduction Video

Your website visitors need to see a strong motivating Introductory Video on your home page to give them a reason to stay on your website. They need to understand what you do and why you are remarkable in your market place.

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Product or Service Videos

These are in depth look at the product or service, more in the form of a tour or teaching about a product. Product and service videos are not about spin or gloss. They are about integrity and educating the potential client. This builds trust and confidence in your business, your product and service.

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Technology Videos

When selling products and services to knowledgeable clients, it is important that they understand your technical abilities and superior technology. Sell on your knowledge not on price. Extol your understanding of the local conditions and the legal requirements.

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Explanation Videos

How to explain ideas or concepts well is one of the most critical skills to achieve success and recognition. Our explanation videos are a fundamental and effective communication tool.

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Commission either one of a number of videos for your website.

We offer a selection of website video packages that are great value for any business serious about making their website really work hard for them.