Video Production

Producing effective videos is a multi skilled task. Even with the influx of new, more user friendly equipment and software, to get a result that reflects the quality and culture of your organization, a great deal of knowledge and technical ability is needed.

Just as important is our ability to take a “story”, your story, and distill it down to it’s essentials elements to communicate and connect in an effective and engaging way with your target audience.

At The Essential Story we make the process efficient and enjoyable. We are not technical junkies - we are interested in people and telling your story and we want you to enjoy the process.

From the start we give you as much input and control in the process as you wish to have.

The Essential Story is structured so we can make affordable productions without cutting corners and skimping on time.

Effective communications need to be planned and takes time and consideration. We respect that your time is precious and that we need to make good use of it, making sure that disruption to your business is kept to a minimum.

Our business is driven by achieving great results and helping you stand out from your competitors. Our Passion is telling your story to the world - with energy.