Training Videos

We have rapidly become a knowledge based society. Our future prosperity, both as individuals and as a nation is now welded to our knowledge and how well we use it. 

We are constantly required to teach or retrain the people we are responsible for, to increase their knowledge. The better they perform the better we look as managers or teachers. 

As teachers and trainers we need to work smarter too. We know that the people we are training learn in different ways and at different speeds. It is no use expecting all your students to learn the same way.

Technology gives us many different tools to help us teach - training videos are one of those very powerful tools: 

  • All our students use the medium of “screens” to gather most of their knowledge. In general we believe what we see and hear from a screen. 
  • They can be watched and re-watched. Students can learn at their own speed. 
  • They give a consistent message every time someone watches them. If you have many different trainers in different parts of the organisation with videos those parts of the training will be consistent across the whole organisation.
  • If delivered through the inter or intranet then one video can be updated and everyone watches the updated version and can’t go back to the older versions. So as policies and procedures change so can the training update immediately. 
  • They can be multilingual with foreign language subtitles. They can have subtitles for the hearing impaired. 
  • They can be accessed at any time of day and in many different places, particularly on a workstation as part of the company's software. 

Training videos come in many different styles and forms. They can be designed specifically for the particular students doing the training.

Good training videos add value to the lives of the students and empower them to make better decisions on behalf of your organisation.