On-line Training.

We live in an age where knowledge demands a higher price than physical work or commodities, where the value in a product or service is enhanced by knowledge of how to use it to full advantage.

Continuous education and learning is critical to the survival of your business.

  • Knowledge empowers your team to sell your product and services more consistently and for a higher price.

  • Knowledge empowers your suppliers to give a higher level of service because they understand your processes better.

  • Knowledge empowers your clients to extract better value and have a stronger allegiance to your business.

Power up your business - train your team

For many years we have used face to face training and variety of different training materials to deliver training with varying degrees of success.

In today's world we have the opportunity to deliver much of our training through on-line courses. These courses use interactive web based software to deliver different learning material and to ask for and measure responses.

It is this response that is so valuable to us. We can measure the effectiveness of the training and insist that people whose responses do not meet a criteria repeat part or all of the training until they achieve our desired level of competence. We can measure and therefore have control over the outcome.

Make the most effective use of Face to Face training.

Online is usually only a part of the training process and may be a precursor to face to face training. With all trainees achieving the same competence level it makes the planning and delivery of the face to face training much more effective and valuable.

Set your expectations early

Employee training in company policies, procedures and expectations brings consistent levels of service across your organization and from location to location. You no longer rely on the trainer to “interpret” your wishes.

This also has implications for human resources and employee management. It allows you to move employees between locations without issue.

Retraining or updates to company systems are easy to implement and consistently achieved and measured.

Simple and easy to use

Online training only requires a computer with access to a moderate speed internet connection. It can be achieved on a smart phone even! Employee training can be done in their own time away from work.

Reduce costs - raise effectiveness

You no longer have the cost and loss of productive time to bring team members in from remote locations to training at head office.

Collective learning.

Online training can be done in a virtual classroom. Members of a team can learn and interact together under the guidance of a local team leader or teacher.