Generate Business to Business leads with a Lead Generation Website

Generate Business to Business Leads with a Lead Generation WebsiteAn active website that generates business to business leads is worth it’s weight in Gold!  Imagine being handed a list of warm to hot leads every week to convert to new business! 

So what makes a good business to business lead generation website?

Primarily it is one that generates leads straight into your existing sales process or sales funnel. Although a lead generation website doesn’t make the sale for you, it can take the client a good way down the sales process.

  • Your site can be found by businesses looking to buy your product or service.

  • Qualifying leads. Business leads generated by your website are almost always ready to buy your product. With carefully crafted copy and use of business videos we can hone your leads right in the middle of your target market. Growing your list of "A" grade clients.

  • Establishing your competence, credibility and expertise. Third party endorsement through video testimonials are critical to establishing your credentials and converting visitors to your site into hot leads.

  • You can solve their problem - Demonstrate your expertise as a potential supplier. Potential clients will believe that you are able to solve their problem.

  • Building trust -  This is all about the people. People buy from people not businesses. This is where business videos on your site have become an absolute necessity. A simple talking head video will establish an immediate rapport with a potential client. 

A working lead generation website will give visitors a number of different ways and reasons for making contact with you. We call these "Calls to Action".  

Completing a Call to Action is their signal to say they are in the market to buy your product.  Now it’s over to you to convert this lead to new business.

Business to business lead generation websites work best for businesses that have higher value sales or where clients have a high lifetime value.

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