How to increase web traffic

Having a website that no one visits or can’t be found is a waste of time and effort. Whatever the plan or goals for your site they all rely on driving qualified traffic to the site. 

How to increase web trafficThere are four main ways to increase web traffic to your site: 

  • Search engine visibility - This comes down to your ranking in the organic search results in Google. You need to be in the top ten to be on the first page, the higher the better.  Although this ranking is entirely down to Google and other search engines, although our websites are set up to be as friendly as possible to the search engines. 

    Search engine ranking comes down to the value of your website being recognised by search engines. So there is no quick fix. However much you pay, it is down to hard and persistence work.

    We offer our website clients a range of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) plans, to achieve and hold a high ranking in search engines. Our main point of difference is that we have a valued ongoing relationship with our clients and are therefore totally accountable for the outcome.

  • Direct traffic - These are people who visit your site by typing in To increase web traffic your domain name must be on every piece of literature that leaves your business, but more importantly you need to give people reason to visit your site. Some of these people will already be clients, but do they know about all your products and services? Download our list of ideas to increase direct and referral traffic.

  • Referral Traffic - traffic that comes from a referral source e.g. a link on another website to yours. Again you have a great deal of control over this. To increase web traffic we need to find a number of relevant websites that have good credibility with Google and get links to your site on to theirs.

It is our policy that you try to keep a balance between these three, a third of your traffic from each source. As we have no control over the search engine rankings, which can be very fickle, if you rely on them then you have surrendered control of your business to them. However search engine results are an important way to increase web traffic and therefore the success of your website. 

  • Online Advertising - this is primarily Google Adwords. This is paid for (Pay Per Click or PPC) traffic. In the right circumstance this is a fantastic and very cost effective way to increase web traffic. There is criteria that a website needs to meet before it becomes good value. You can waste a great deal of money if you try these before the credibility of your site is established with Google.

Increasing web traffic is one of the many services that we offer our website clients both during the development stage and long after the launch of your site. 

Talk to us today on how to increase web traffic to your site during and after launch as part of our plan to help you achieve profitable growth. Phone Peter on 0424 884 993 or send us an email.