Ecommerce Website Design

Join this exciting but competitive world of online stores - be part of the future of retailing as it evolves. Imagine a website that sells 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you don’t have to be in the store all the time.

So what makes a good online store?  The best online stores remove the barriers to sale build trust and rapport through people and their expertise. How should an on-line store be different from any other business?

  • It must be found by people wanting to buy your product.
  • Establish your competence, credibility and expertise, preferably with third party endorsement through video testimonials. 
  • Build trust -  this is all about the people. People buy from people, not companies. This is where video on your site has become an absolute necessity. 
  • Have clear contact details, phone numbers, bricks and mortar address even a map. It means you have nothing to hide.
  • Be easy to use and navigate so visitors can find the products or solutions to their problems. Products must have: 
    • clear descriptive photographs, this is a place where a photograph is worth 1000 words. 
    • accurate, well written copy that describes the product without exaggeration and answers all their questions.
  • Have an easy to use shopping cart that requires the minimum information and steps to make the purchase.
  • Be clear, upfront and have a client friendly returns policy.
  • Have competitive pricing - don’t sell just on price - the higher the level of personal trust you build on your site, the higher the price the consumer will pay. Show your expertise, availability to answer questions and willingness to reverse the sale if appropriate. Remove barriers to sale. 

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